Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ken Boothe - Blood Brothers (1976)

roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Walk Away From Love
Silver Words
Blood Brother
Love Don't Love Nobody
I'm Singing Home
Mammie Blue
I Shot The Sheriff
I Don't Want To See You Cry
No Woman No Cry
Freedom Day

Producer : Lloyd Charmers

Engineer : George Raymond & Peter Gordon Martin

Vocals : Ken Boothe
Backing Vocals : Marcia Griffiths & Cynthia Schloss & Derrick Harriott
Drums : Paul Douglas & Mikey Boo Richards & Derrick Stewart
Bass : Val Douglas & Jackie Jackson
Guitar : Willie Lindo & Dougie Bryan
Organ : Harold Butler & Tyrone Downie
Piano : Harold Butler & Tyrone Downie
Synthesiser : Harold Butler
Trombone : Jerome Francisque

Studios :
Recording : Federal (Kingston, JA)




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