Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Abyssinians - Declaration Of Dub (1972-76)

record date : 1972-76

Album style : dub, roots

Playlist :
Declaration Of Dub (New Version)
Good Lord Dub
Zion I
Know Jah Dub
Dub Abendigo
Y Mas Gan Dub
Meditation In Dub
Thunderstorm (Satta Massagana)
I And I Dub
African Dub
Mark Of The Dub
Peculiar Dub
Reasonable Dub
There Is No End

Producer : The Abyssinians

Mixing Engineer : Karl Pitterson & Crucial Bunny

Drums : Boo Richards & Horsemouth Wallace & Sly Dunbar & Devon Richardson
Bass : Val Douglas & Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar : Chinna & Carlton Manning & Mickie Chung
Keyboards : Boo Richards & Geoffrey Chung & Clive Hunt & Tyrone Downie & Pablo Black
Horns : Jerome Francique & Clive Hunt

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Federal (Kingston, JA)
Remixing : Hollywood (Miami, USA)

Declaration Of Dub (New Version) is a remake



Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses (1979)

Record date : 1979

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Nobody Here But Me
Blessed Are The Meek
Slave Driver
Jah Love
Babylon Is Falling
True Experience
For Once In My Life
Walk In Jah Light
Jungle Fever

Producer : Prince Lincoln Thompson

Mixing Engineer : Sylvan Morris
Engineer : Sylvan Morris

Vocals : Keith Peterkin & Clinton Hall & Prince Lincoln Thompson & The Royal Rasses
Drums : Mikey Boo Richards & Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Bagga Walker & Val Douglas
Guitar : George Miller & Diggles & Prince Lincoln Thompson
Keyboards : Wire Lindo & Pablo Black & Geoffrey Chung & Cecil Lloyd
Horns : Headley Benett & Ernest Ranglin & Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis & Bubbler
Percussions : Sticky & Brother Jomo

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Harry J (Kingston, JA)



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stage Of Unity - Good Connection

Stage of Unity to wrocławski kultowy zespół roots reggae, który reaktywował się w roku 2005. W latach 80-tych wsławił się niesamowitymi występami na festiwalu "Reggae nad Wartą". Niewątpliwym atutem grupy jest wokalista Kristafari z bardzo charakterystycznym, niemal jamajskim głosem. Przesłanie "Stejdżów" to mocno gitarowe, przebojowe reggae z natrętnym śpiewaniem Kristafariego i częstymi wycieczkami w stronę dubu. Ich kawałki to melodyjne w stylu najlepszych dokonań DAABU i odjechane na wzór Immanuela kompozycje, wspaniale uprzestrzennione przez subtelne dośpiewy Violki i uzdrawiające bębnienie Masaja.



Sunday, September 09, 2007

Willi Williams - From Studio One To Drum Street

Record date : 1969-80

Album style : roots, dub, solo vocal, instrumental

Playlist :
Why 2k
Whish It Was Me
Prisoner Of Lonelyness
Flat Bridge
The Unification Part 1 & 2
Jah Quarious
East Of Tim Buk Tou
Stronger Strong
Give Me Bread
Unification Dub
Blue Color Worker
Black Beauty

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Randy's (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)



Prince Lincoln & Rasses - Vortex Dub

Record date : 197X-8X

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Love The Way It Should Be (Previously Unreleased)
Kingston 11 (Previously Unreleased)
Mechanical Devices
People Love Jah Music
Peoples Minds
Natural Wild
Interstellar Over Dub
Nebular Dub
Time Wharp
Universally Dubbed
Terrestial Dub
Dub Vortex
Cosmic Silence

Engineer : Jerome Francis & Prince Jammy & Sylvan Morris & Norman Mighell & Stuart Anderson

Producer : Prince Lincoln Thompson

Backing Band : The Royal Rasses
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Dave Houghton & Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Bagga Walker & Val Douglas & Graham Maby & Ranchie
Guitar : Lennox Gordon & Gary Sanford & Tony Gad & Wayne McGee & Willie Lindo
Keyboards : Pablo Black & Cecil Lloyd & Ansel Collins & Geoffrey Chung
Synthesiser : Tony Gad
Percussions : Mo Claridge & Sticky & George Oban & Joe Jackson

Studios :
Recording : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Basing Street (London, UK)



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana (1976)

Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Declaration Of Rights
The Good Lord
Forward Unto Zion
Know Jah Today
Y Mas Gan
Black Man's Strain
Satta Massagana
I And I
African Race
Leggo Beast *
Peculiar Number *
Reason Time *
There Is No End *

Comment :
the bonus tracks are related to the 1972-76 area

Producer : The Abyssinians & Clive Hunt

Engineer : Bruce Davidson

Vocals : Donald Manning & Lynford Manning & Bernard Collins
Drums : Sly & Boo Richards & Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Robbie & Val Douglas
Guitar : Chinna & Mickie Chung
Keyboards : Geoffrey Chung & Clive Hunt & Tyrone Downie
Flute : Clive Hunt
Horns : Clive Hunt & Jerome Francis & Llewellyn Chang
Funde : Clive Hunt

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Federal (Kingston, JA)



Monday, September 03, 2007

Don Carlos - Lazer Beam

Record date : 198X

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Lazer Beam
My Brethren Party
Back Away With Your Mix Up
Jonnie Big Mouth
My Baby Just Love I Man
Spread Out
Ababa John I
Booming Ball
Just Groove With Me
Praise Jah With Love & Affection
Too Late To Turn Back Now
Rivers Of Babylon
Natty Dread Have Him Credential
Come In Girl
Ride On Christine
Jamaican Woman
Dice Up
Rain All Night
Hog And Goat
Oh Girl
Untrue Girl
Mr Sun

Vocals : Don Carlos

Comment :

includes the Spread Out LP


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Scientist - Scientist Meets The Space Invaders

Record date : 1981

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Beam Down
Red Shift
Time Warp
Cloning Process
Laser Attack
Super Nova Explosion

Producer : Mikey Roots Scott & Linval Thompson

Recording Engineer : Barnabas & Maxie & Crucial Bunny
Mixing Engineer : Scientist

Vocals : Scientist
Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Drums : Style Scott & Santa Davis
Bass : Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Sowell
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Organ : Steelie Johnson & Winston Wright
Piano : Gladdy Anderson
Percussions : Skully & Sky Juice

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)



Scientist & Prince Jammie - Dub Landing Vol: 2 (1982)

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
City Of Gold

Producer : Linval Thompson

Mixing Engineer : Scientist & Prince Jammy

Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Drums : Santa Davis
Bass : Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Sowell
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Organ : Steely & Winston Wright
Piano : Gladdy
Percussions : Sky Juice & Skully

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


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