Friday, September 19, 2008

Various Artists - 21st Century Dub (1980)

Styles: Dub, Roots Reggae

Label: Roir

Please accept our apologies and accept a next small gratification for waiting so long for good JAH-music.But You were worth waiting for: 21st Century Dub.
We perceive this album as something special - for best generally.

East meets West on this masterful set to often overlooked when considering the best dub albums of all time.

This is a combination rerelease of Pecker Power and Instant Rasta, two albums recorded by Japanese percussionist Pecker in conjunction with Jamaican musicians. It's an interesting effort, combining a certain Jamaican rawness with a sophisticated Japanese surface, and it certainly comes equipped with the reggae muscle to kick it along -- Sly & Robbie on the one hand, and the Wailers band on the other, and both Channel One and Tuff Gong studios.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This was one of my favourite tapes in the late 80's (long since chewed up). I've downloaded it but can't open it because it's asking for a password...could you advise.

Great site


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am slow...worked the password out. This is great many thanks

pauloby said...

Many many thanks for this one from me also!

Jeremy said...

Could you make the password available? I have this tape still but want to listen on the train train train to work!

Machiventa said...

It's posted in the actual post dude

Anonymous said...

Where does it say the password in this post?

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