Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Misty in Roots - How Long Jah - 12"

Misty in Roots - How Long Jah (12'')
Misty In Roots - Poor And Needy(12')
Misty In Roots - Rich Man (12'')
Misty In Roots - Salvation (12'')



Anonymous said...

Misty In Roots one of my favorite
bands, must say your blog is one of the finest, if you looking for some more Misty In Roots i load them up for ya if you like!

If i may request something,
a song named The Black Star Liner
from Reggae Reggular

Greetings, jotseknotser

Anonymous said...

dear jotseknotser,
thanks for your offer.
but we have all albums of MiR.
we will upload it in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the unpload.
For those who are interested, I think these are the 12 inches the tracks come from:

* (See Them A Come) / How Long Jah Jah [1979] People Unite PO 001
* Poor And Needy / (Follow Fashion) [1983] People Unite PU 103
* Rich Man / Salvation [1980] People Unite PU 002


Anonymous said...

Superb, many thanks! I had these 12s, back in the day and just about wore them out. Misty had a totally unique and wonderful sound. Any chance of the flip sides (such as See Them Ah Come) at some point?

Misty also had at least one dub 7" = it was called "6-1 Penny," and had a dub version on the b-side. Would love to hear that again if you have it.

Anonymous said...

big big thanks to Sunshine for these tracks
(and thnx for the info-link at 'reggaelicious', but i guess the title of the 2nd d.load-track, should be "Follow Fashion" and not "Poor And Needy")
Misty In Roots, what great music

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Brought back so many happy memories from when I owned the 12".