Monday, July 30, 2007

King Tubby - Herb Dub - Collie Dub (1976)

Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Roots Dub
Whispering Dub
Bottom Dub
Sealing Dub
Dumboo Dub
African Dub
Herb Dub-Collie Dub
Kimble Dub

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Backing Band : The Skatalites

Studios :
Harry J (Kingston, JA)



tai73 said...

Thank you for such an excellent blog, keep it going strong.. !!

dubman said...

another great post - more tubby!

Chris Ward said...

Thanks again my friend, love the King Tubby selections.

Anonymous said...
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