Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Yabby You Vibration - Deliver Me From My Enemies (1977/2006)

Record date : 1977

Playlist :
Deliver Me From My Enemies
Judgement Time
Blood Ago Run Down King Street
Love In Zimba
Zion Gate
Everlasting Life *
Lonely Me
Take My Hand (Aka Stranger In Love)
Pound Get A Blow
Pick The Beam
And Amlak (One God)
Economical Crisis *

Producer : Yabby You

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy

Vocals : Yabby You
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar : Alric Forbes & Albert Griffiths
Lead Guitar : Earl Chinna Smith & Clinton Fearon
Piano : Bernard Touter Harvey
Organ : Ansel Collins
Flute : Tommy McCook
Saxophone : Tommy McCook
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Percussions : Scully Simms

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)




Daddy-O said...

Over a year old and no comments!! This is a roots classic! Blood and Fire Records (RIP) re-released this sometime ago, but they failed to include (2) great tunes- Everlasting Life & Economical Crisis (my favorite track) Nice post! Keepin' good music alive!

Dig up Yabby's Beware Dub- that's a killer also!!

Ras Irie outta israel said...

Ya man a blessed work aya
sharing this amazing music and tunes fe the nation.
ya yuh know.
blessed love.