Sunday, December 09, 2007

Culture - International Herb (1979)

Record date : 1979

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
The International Herb
Jah Rastafari
It A Guh Dread
Rally Around Jahoviah's Throne
The Land We Belong
Ethiopians Waan Guh Home
Chiney Man
I Tried
The Shepherd
Too Long In Slavery

Producer : Sonia Pottinger

Engineer : Errol Brown

Vocals : Joseph Hill
Backing Vocals : Lloyd Dayes & Albert Walker
Backing Band : The Revolutionaries

Studios :
Treasure Isle (Kingston, JA)




nice one! said...

Crucial album, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

cual es la clave para tener acceso a las canciones?

aerosol scanner said...

I found it the Black star liner it was the one from culture

Cheers brother