Friday, October 12, 2007

Lord Creator - Big Bamboo

Lord Creator is best known for the original Kingston Town, later popularized by UB40 on the Labour of Love LP. However, his smooth vocals spanned from Calypso to Rock Steady and into the 70's reggae.

Big Bamboo
This collection contains some of the most over-covered calypsos of all time. One must ask "Why bother?" Give a listen. The sweet vocals of Lord Creator are worth enduring "Silver Bird" one more time. The "Kingston Town" here is the calypso tune -- not a version of Lord Creator's big hit.

Big Bamboo
Land of Sea and Sun
Shame and Scandal
Tattoo Girl
Lulus Gone Away
Pussy Cat
Wings of a Dove
Island in the Sun
Sa Sa Yay
Kingston Town




mikecakes said...

Thankyou very much - i gave this a listen and i agree, i think his voice is great - a nice album i'll be playing all week - cheers

Anonymous said...

hi mikecakes,
this album is more than music. its most beautiful work between reggae and calypso. its a masterpice.
later we will upload a another album of Lord.

enjoy and dont forgetI&I:)


Scraps said...

Links not working for me : (
Gonna have to track this done somewhere. Love the blog though