Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Joe Gibbs - African Dub Chapter 1 & 2 (1975-76)

Playlist :
African Dub
Universal Dub
Midnight Movie
Ghetto Skank
Lime Key Rock
Lovers Serenade
Treasure Dub
Schooling The Beat
Campus Rock
Half Ounce
East Africa
Chapter 2
The Marijuana Affair
Angola Crisis
Peeping Tom
Idlers Rest
My Best Dub
Third World
Heavy Duty Dub
Musical Arena
Mackarus Serenade
Jamaican Grass

Producer : Joe Gibbs


1 comment:

Ego Kornus said...

Part 1 2 and 3 i had a from 1982 and after moving to Argentina without records this is my ultimate chance!!
Great, Last month i found part4 on the net wich i never heard.
Thanks for the effort.