Sunday, March 11, 2007

Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners (1977)

Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners (1977)
Reggae & Oldies Albums

Rain A Fall
Big Fight
You I Love & Not Another
Young Generation
Shine Eye Gall
Boz Rock
Show Me Mine Enemy
Deck Of Cards
Heavy Manners

Producteur : Joe Gibson
Date : 1977
Studio : Joe Gibbs Recording
"The golden Sound Of West Indies"
Ingénieur : Errol "E.T." Thompson
Distribution : Joe Gibbs Records
Design album : Stephensons

320 kbps
Codec: MP3
Total Time: 33:13
Ripped from LP



Slobodan Burgher said...

Thank you for all the Prince Far-I, brings be back to the summer of yesterday, chilling & sky larkin etc. Good stuff!!


Edwah said...

My dear wife Carol bought this record in a litle record shop in Savanna La Mar, we have both been huge fans of Prince Fari ever since. I had a reggae show Roots Rock Reggae on WXPN and "Quante Jubila " was my theme song. Sadly I never got to meet Prince Fari
but did meet Adrian Sherwood his producer who said
"Anyone who's down with Prince Fari is down with me!"
Jah know, I couldn't put it any better then that.
Respect due it a fall like rain!