Monday, March 26, 2007

Prince Far I - Musical History

Record date : 1983

Playlist :
Everytime I Talk About Jah
Prince Far I Come Again
Tell Them About Jah Love
More We Are Together
At The Cross
Working For My Saviour
I Don't Know Why I Love Jah So
What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day
Take Heed Frontline

Producer : Prince Far I

Vocals : Prince Far I


Scientist - Dub Landing (1981)

Playlist :
Dark Side
Black Out
Time Passage

Engineer : Crucial Bunny & Barnabas & Maxie
Mixing Engineer : Scientist

Producer : Linval Thompson

Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Drums : Santa Davis
Bass : Flabba Holt
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Lead Guitar : Sowell
Organ : Steelie Johnson & Winston Wright
Piano : Gladstone Anderson
Percussions : Sky Juice Blake & Skully

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Michael Rose - Bonanza (1999)

2.Badda Boys
4.Pretty Fine
5.Hurry Home Baby
7.It's Allright
8.Hold It Down


Friday, March 23, 2007

Yabby You - One Love, One Heart (1992)

Playlist :
Deliver Me From My Enemies
Anti Christ
Run Come Rally
Babylon Gone Down
Chant Down Babylon
Judgement Time
Carnal Mind
Fire, Fire
Conquering Lion
One Love, One Heart


Yabby You & Various Artists - Jesus Dread (1997)

Record date : 1972-77

Playlist :
Yabby U - Love Thy Neighbour
Yabby U - Conquering Lion
Tommy McCook & Vin Gordon - Fisherman Special
Big Youth & Yabby U - Yabby Youth
King Tubby - Big Youth Fights Against Capitolism
Yabby U - Covetous Man
Yabby U - Run Come Rally
Lee Perry - Rally Dub
Yabby U - Anti Christ
Dicky Burton - God Is Watching You
Augustus Pablo & Yabby U - Pablo Dread In A Red
King Tubby - King Tubby's Rock (Dub)
Prophets - Warn The Nation
King Tubby - Honey Dub
Yabby U - Carnal Mind
Yabby U - Love Of Jah
King Tubby - Love Of Jah Version
Yabby U - The Man Who Does The Work
Yabby U - Jah Vengeance
Tommy McCook - Revenge
Dillinger - Freshly
Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread On The Mountain Top
Trinity - Gwan Anf Lef Me
King Tubby - Tubby's Vengeance
Tommy McCook - Death Trap
Wayne Wade - Man Of The Living
King Tubby - King Tubby's Special
Wayne Wade - Lord Of Lords
King Tubby - Lord Dub
Errol Alphonso - Chant Jah Victory
King Tubby - Jah Victory Dub
Yabby U - Walls Of Jerusalem
King Tubby - Jerusalem Dub
Prophets & Trinity - King Pharoah's Plague (Vocal & Dj)
Tommy McCook - Plague Of Horn
King Tubby - King Pharoah Dub
Trinity & Dillinger - Jesus Dread
Prophets & Trinity - Chant Down Babylon (Vocal & Dj)
King Tubby - Chanting Dub
Tommy McCook - Hornsman Chant
Yabby U - Fire In A Kingston
King Tubby - Fire Dub
Yabby U - Judgement On The Land
King Tubby - Repatriation Rock
Yabby U - Deliver Me From My Enemies
Michael Rose - Born Free (Extended Mix)
King Tubby - Love Thy Neighbour Version

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy & Lee Perry & King Tubby & Phillip Smart

Producer : Yabby You & Trinity & Fat Man

Drums : Leroy Horsemouth Wallace & Carlton Davis & Sly Dunbar & Ben Bow
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Aston Barrett & Clinton Fearon
Guitar : Bertram Ranchie McClean & Earl Chinna Smith & Albert Griffiths
Organ : Aston Barrett & Pablo Black & Earl Wire Lindo & Bagga Walker
Piano : Bernard Touter Harvey & Augustus Pablo
Saxophone : Tommy McCook
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Percussions : Uziah Sticky Thompson & Bunny Wailer
Melodica : Augustus Pablo
Fife : Richard Hall

Studios :
Recording : Black Ark (Kingston, JA) & Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)

Part 1
Part 2

Michael Prophet - Consciousness

Record date : 1979-80

Playlist :
Hear My Prayer
The Gates Of Zion
Praise You Jah Jah
Love And Unity
Conscious Man
Give Thanks
Serious Reasoning
Hurt No One
Hurt No One Da Real
Not Everything That
The Wise Shall Bewiser
No One Hurt
Why Did You Lie

Producer : Yabby You

Vocals : Michael Prophet
Backing Vocals : Alric Forbes & Yabby You
Drums : Santa Davis
Bass : Clinton Fearon
Rhythm Guitar : Albert Griffiths
Lead Guitar : Chinna
Keyboards : Touter Harvey & Ansel Collins
Horns : Tommy McCook
Percussions : Scully Simms

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)
Voice Recording : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Joe Gibbs - Majestic Dub (1979)

Playlist :
Ten Commandments
Majestic Dub
Social Justice
Kings Of Dub
Bionic Encounter
Edward The Eight
International Treaty
Martial Law
Nations Of Dub

Mixing Engineer : Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs
Engineer : Errol Thompson

Producer : Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson

Backing Band : The Professionals
Backing Vocals : The Joe Gibbs Family
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Lloyd Parks
Guitar : Bo Peep
Keyboards : Bubbler
Percussions : Ruddy Thomas

Studios :
Recording : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Joe Gibbs - African Dub Chapter 3 & 4 (1978-79)

Playlist :
Chapter Three
Rema Dub
Tribesman Rockers
Freedom Call
Jubilation Dub
The Entebbe Affair
Angolian Chant
Zion Gate
Jungle Dub
Dub Three
Crucial Attempt
Behind Iron Bars
Ghetto Slum
Yard Music
Iron Gate
Power Pack
Free The Children
Fashion One
Rythim Tackle

Producer : Joe Gibbs


Yabby You & King Tubby - King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub (1976)

Record date : 1976

Playlist :
Version Dub
Conquering Dub
Jah Love Dub
Anti-Christ Rock
Beware Of God
Robber Rock
Rock Vibration
Zion Is Here
Hungering Dub
Love And Peace
Creations And Versions
Living Style

Producer : Yabby You

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Drums : Ben Bow & Santa Davis & Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Aston Barrett & Robbie Shakespeare & Clinton Fearon
Guitar : Chinna & Albert Griffiths & Ranchie
Organ : Bagga Walker & Touter Harvey & Aston Barrett
Horns : Bobby Ellis & Vin Gordon & Tommy McCook



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prince Far I - Voice Of Thunder (1981)

Playlist :
Ten Commandments
Tribute To Bob Marley
Hold The Fort
Every Time I Hear The Word
Head Of The Buccaneer
Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness
Give I Strength
Kingdom Of God
Coming In From The Rock

Producer : Prince Far I

Engineer : Barnabas & Maxie

Vocals : Prince Far I
Drums : Fish Clarke
Bass : Professor Larry
Rhythm Guitar : Little D
Lead Guitar : Little D
Keyboards : Steely & Tarzan & Tony Asher
Horns : Deadly Headly
Percussions : Jah Lloyd
Congos : Scully Simms
Melodica : Tony Asher

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)


Prince Far I - Livity (1981)

Playlist :
Reggae Music Moving
Badda Card
Some With Roof
Marble Stone
Put It Out
King Of King
River Jordan
Ghetto Living
Give Me Mine Continent
Wish I Have A Wing

Producer : Prince Far I

Mixing Engineer : Maxie

Backing Band : The Arabs

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA)


Michael Rose - Be Yourself (1996)

1. Rude Boys (Back In Town) 03:4
2. Hold It Down 03:51
3. Be Yourself 03:26
4. Black Maria 04:08
5. The Juice 04:15
6. Dummy 03:51
7. I Love King Selassie 03:50
8. From Babylon To Tibuktu 03:50
9. Everything Is Pretty Fine 03:53
10. It's Beautiful 03:40
11. Agony 03:49
12. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner 03:41


Joe Gibbs - African Dub Chapter 1 & 2 (1975-76)

Playlist :
African Dub
Universal Dub
Midnight Movie
Ghetto Skank
Lime Key Rock
Lovers Serenade
Treasure Dub
Schooling The Beat
Campus Rock
Half Ounce
East Africa
Chapter 2
The Marijuana Affair
Angola Crisis
Peeping Tom
Idlers Rest
My Best Dub
Third World
Heavy Duty Dub
Musical Arena
Mackarus Serenade
Jamaican Grass

Producer : Joe Gibbs


Monday, March 19, 2007

Culture & Don Carlos - Roots & Culture (1982)

Playlist :
Jah Tabernackle
Roots Girl
Calling My Brother
Rub A Dub Train
Jah People
Street Life
Hog & Goat
Just A Dread
English Woman

Mixing Engineer : Errol Thompson

Producer : Henry Junjo Lawes

Vocals : Culture & Don Carlos
Backing Band : The High Times Band & The Roots Radics

Studios :
Mixing : Errol Thompson's (Kingston, JA)


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yabby U & Michael Prophet & Wayne Wade - Prophecy (1982)

Playlist :
Wayne Wade - I Can't Hide
Yabby You - Jah Over I
Michael Prophet - My Lady
Yabby You - O What An Oppression
Yabby You - Judas
Yabby You - My Dreadlocks Queen
Wayne Wade - You Don't Want Me
Michael Prophet - The Poor Can't Take No More
Yabby You - Tell Us Of Our Past History

Producer : Yabby You & Clive Plummer

Engineer : Scientist & Barnabas & Soljie Hamilton

Vocals : Michael Prophet & Wayne Wade & Yabby You
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar : Albert Griffiths
Rhythm Guitar : Alric Forbes
Piano : Augustus Pablo
Horns : Tommy McCook & Nambo Robinson & Bobby Ellis

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)


Prince Lincoln Thompson & The Royal Rasses - Natural Wild Dub (1980)

Playlist :
Mechanical Devices Dub
My Generation Dub
Spaceship Dub
People Love Jah Music Dub
People's Minds Dub
Natural Wild Dub


Don Carlos - Suffering (1981)

Playlist :
Gimme Gimme Your Love - Version
Crucial Situation - Version
Working Everyday - Version
Live In Harmony - Version
Prophesy - Version
Jah Hear My Plea - Version

Producer : Robert Flako Palmer
Arranger : Robert Flako Palmer & Don Carlos

Mixing Engineer : Errol Brown
Engineer : Errol Brown & Steven Stewart

Vocals : Don Carlos
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Lloyd Parks
Lead Guitar : Junior Marvin
Rhythm Guitar : Bo Peep
Piano : Bubbler & Winston Wright
Organ : Wire Lindo & Winston Wright
Synthesiser : Horsemouth Wallace
Horns : Deadly Headly & David Madden
Percussions : Horsemouth Wallace & Everton Carrington
Syndrums : Horsemouth Wallace

Studios :
Recording : Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)


Barrington Levy - Barrington Levy In Dub (The Lost Mixes From King Tubby's Studio) (2005)

Record date : 1979

Playlist :
Shaolin Temple Dub
Wedding Ring Dub
Shine Eye Girl Dub
Reggae Music Dub
Black Heart Man Dub
Looking My Love Dub
Trod With Jah Dub
A Yah We Deh Dub
Why Did You Leave Me Dub
Skylarking Dub

Drums : Carlton Davis & Style Scott
Bass : Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Noel Bailey
Rhythm Guitar : Bo Peep & Bingy Bunny
Keyboards : Gladstone Anderson & Ansel Collins & Winston Wright
Saxophone : Dean Fraser & Headley Benett
Trombone : Nambo Robinson
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
Percussions : Sky Juice Blake & Bongo Herman & Skully & Sticky

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Yabby U - Jah Jah Way (1980)

Playlist :
Jah Jah Way
Stop Your Quarreling
Free Africa
Yabby You & Trinity - Jah Vengeance - Jah Bible
Lady Lady
I Feel Lonely
Yabby You & Clint Eastwood - Ballistic Dread Locks - Hitster
Chalice Specialist
Dread Locks Man

Engineer : Crucial Bunny & Maxie
Mixing Engineer : Yabby You & King Tubby & Prince Jammy & Scientist

Producer : Yabby You

Vocals : Yabby You
Backing Vocals : Earl Sixteen & Alric Forbes & The Gladiators & Veronica Douglas & Tony Tuff
Drums : Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar & Fish Clarke
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Clinton Fearon
Guitar : Bo Peep & Albert Griffiths & Alric Forbes
Keyboards : Winston Wright & Augustus Pablo & Ansel Collins
Horns : Bobby Ellis & Deadly Headly & Herman Marquis & Tommy McCook
Percussions : Barnabas & Sticky & Skully & Sky Juice Blake & Bongo Herman

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)


Yabby You Meets Sly & Robbie - Yabby You Meets Sly & Robbie At The Mixing Lab Studio (1979)

Playlist :
Sly Repatriated Dub
Silky Dub
Yabby U
Figure Me Out Dub
Unification Dub
Dub With Righteousness
Robbie Dubbing Through
I.L.A. Dub
Zion Dub
Chanting Dub

Producer : Yabby You

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yabby You - Dub It To The Top

Record date : 1976-79

Playlist :
Revolution Conference
Zambia Dub Feat Jah Walton
Steppin' High Feat Tommy Mccook
Vengeance In Dub
Mount Zion Version
Heads A Roll Dub
Achieving Dub
No Tarry Yah Version
Dub It To The Top
Rock With Me Dub
Turn Me Loose Dub
Conscious Man Dub
Mash Down Rome Dub
Warn Them Jah Dub
Humanity Dub
Praise You Jah Jah Dub
Tribal War Dub

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy & King Tubby

Producer : Yabby You

Studios :
Black Ark (Kingston, JA) & Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Comment :
includes Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet : Vocal & Dub


Junior Byles & Various Artists - 129 Beat Street Ja-Man Special

Record date : 1975-78

Playlist :
Junior Byles & Rupert Reid - Chant Down Babylon
Junior Byles - Know Where You're Going
Junior Byles - Pitchy Patchy
Junior Byles & Rupert Reid - Remember Me
Rupert Reid - See The Dread Deh
Pablo Moses - One People
Bim Sherman - Mighty Ruler
Dave Robinson - My Homeland
Brigadier Jerry - Wild Goose Race
Neville Tate - See A Man's Face
U Brown - So Long


John Holt - 1000 Volts Of Holt (1973)

Record date : 1967-72
Playlist :
1. Never, Never, Never
2. Morning Of My Life
3. Stoned Out Of My Mind
4. Baby I'm A Want You
5. Help Me Make It Through The Night
6. Mr. Bojangles
7. I'd Love You To Want Me
8. Killing Me Softly With Her Song
9. You Baby
10. Too Much Love
11. Girl From Ipanema
12. Which Way You Going Baby

Producer : Tony Ashfield

Engineer : Carlton Lee

Studios :
Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA)


Yabby You - Conquering Lion (1972)

Playlist :
Run Come Rally
Jah Vengeance
Conquering Lion
Covetious Men
Anti Christ
Canal Mind
Jah Love
Love Thy Neighbour
Love Of Jah
The Man Who Does The Work

Producer : Yabby You

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Vocals : Yabby You
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace
Guitar : Wire Lindo & Chinna
Organ : Aston Barrett
Piano : Pablove Black
Saxophone : Dirty Harry
Trombone : Don D. Junior & Bobby Ellis
Flute : Tommy McCook
Percussions : Bingy Bunny

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)


Friday, March 16, 2007

Prince Far I - Jamaican Heroes (1980)

Playlist :
Deck Of Life
The Vision
Natty Champion
Read A Chapter
Golden Throne
Jamaican Heroes
Prison Discipline
Musical History
Jah Will Provide

Mixing Engineer : Prince Far I & Dave Hunt
Engineer : Crucial Bunny

Producer : Prince Far I

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA)


Various Artists - Trojan Selecta Vol 3 (197x)

Record date : 197X

Playlist :
King Tubby - Out Of Order Dub
Ronnie Davis - Kaya
Lee Perry - Jungle Lion
Desmond Dekker - Intensified (Music Like Dirt)
Keith Hudson - Entering The Dragon
Johnny Clarke - A Harder Version
Dave Barker - Prisoner Of Love
Rico - Return Of The Bullet
Tapper Zukie - Escape From Hell
Mad Professor & The Dub Revolutionaries - Ariwo Dub Rock
The Heptones - Cool Rasta


Prince Far I - Free From Sin (1979)

Playlist :
Free From Sin
When Jah Ready You Got To Move
Call On I In Trouble
Don't Deal With Folly
Light Of Fire
Reggae Music
Go Home On The Morning Train
I And I Are The Chosen One

Producer : Prince Far I

Engineer : Sylvan Morris & Errol Brown

Vocals : Prince Far I
Drums : Style Scott
Bass : Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Sowell & Chinna
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Keyboards : Bobby Kalphat & Easy Snappin'
Horns : Deadly Headly & Bobby Ellis
Strings : Sowell
Bongo : Bongo Herman & Ras Menilik Dacosta
Percussions : Bongo Herman & Ras Menilik Dacosta

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Treasure Isle (Kingston, JA)


Yabby You - Yabby You Meets Trinity At (King Tubbys) Dub Station (197X)

Yabby You Meets Trinity At Dub Station

Playlist :
1. Trinity - Di Gun Gun Fever
2. Yabby You & Trinity - My Neighbour
3. Trinity - I Know Where I'm Going
4. Yabby You & Trinity - Natty Bongo
5. Yabby You & Trinity - Warm Dem
6. Yabby You & Trinity - I Just A Dread
7. Yabby You - Stand Up And Fight
8. Yabby You - Black Starliner

Producer : Yabby You

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Vocals : Trinity

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Max Romeo - Reconstruction (1978)

(label Island Mango)

1. Reconstruction
2 Poor Man's Life
3 Let's Live Together
4 Melt Away
5 War Rock
6 Where Is The Love
7 Give To Get
8 Martin Luther King
9 Take A Hold
10 Destination Africa

Mixing Engineer : Sylvan Morris

Producer : Max Romeo

Drums : Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Boris Gardiner
Rhythm Guitar : Chinna
Lead Guitar : Ernest Ranglin (!)
Piano : Keith Sterling
Organ : Wire Lindo
Trumpet : David Madden
Saxophone : Glen Da-Casta
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Percussions : Sticky
Flugo Horn : Bobby Ellis
Clavinet : Wire Lindo

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Harry J (Kingston, JA)

From LP

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Max Romeo & The Upsetters - War Ina Babylon(1976)

1. One step forward
2. Uptwon babies don't cry
3. I chase the devil
4. War ina babylon
5. Norman
6. Stealing in the name of jah
7. Tan and see
8. Smokey room

Producer : Lee Perry
Engineer : Lee Perry
Studios : Black Ark (Kingston, JA)


Prince Far I - Dubwise (1991)

Prince Far I
1991 - DUBWISE
(label Virgin Frontline)
Include : CRY TUFF DUB ENCOUNTER PART 2 ( Songs 9-16)

1. Throw Away Your Gun

2. Throw Away Your Gun - (dub)
3. Love Divine Dub
4. If You Want To Do Ya Dub
5. Jah Do That Dub
6. Jah Do That
7. No More War
8. No More War Dub
9. Suru-Lere Dub
10. Anambra Dub
11. Kaduna Dub
12. Oyo Dub
13. Borno Dub
14. Bendel Dub
15. Ondo Dub
16. Ogun Dub


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prince Far I - Long Life (1978)

Prince Far I

Long Life

1. Daughters Of Zion
2. Right Way
3. Black Starliner Must Come
4. Praise Him With Psalms
5. In Your Walking Remember Jah Jah
6. Farmyard
7. Love One Another
8. Who Have Eyes To See
9. So Long


Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny ..:Beyond the Missouri Sky:..


01.Waltz For Ruth (Instrumental) 4:28
02.Our Spanish Love Song (Instrumental)5:40
03.Message To A Friend (Instrumental) 6:13
04.Two For The Road (Instrumental) 5:16
05.First Song (Instrumental) 6:37
06.The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Instrumental) 4:05
07.Precious Jewel (Instrumental) 3:47
08.He's Gone Away (Instrumental) 4:18
09.The Moon Song (Instrumental) 6:56
10.Tears Of Rain (Instrumental)5:30
11.Cinema Paradiso [Love Theme] (Instrumental) 3:35
12.Cinema Paradiso [Main Theme] (Instrumental) 4:24
13.Spiritual(Instrumental) 8:22

produced by Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny
Executive Producers: Jean-Philippe Allard and Daniel Richard
Recorded and Mixed at Right Track Studio, N.Y.C., 1996 and Clinton Recording Studios on April 15, 1996
Recording and Mixing Engineer: J. Newland
Assistant Recording Engineer: Joe Lizzi and Brook South
Mastered at Sterling Sound on November 6, 1996
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen

Bitrate: 128 kbps
Codec: MP3
Total Time: 1:09.40


Monday, March 12, 2007

V.A. - "Warrior 12"

1. Leroy Sibbles - Ras-Tafari
2. Black Arc Players - Tafari Dub
3. Mystic Eyes - Forward With Love

4. George Faith - Don`t Be Afraid
5. Bunny Scott - What`s The News-
6. Bunny Scott - I Never Had It So Good

7. Mystic Eyes - Elaine
8. Mikey Dread - School Girls

9. Hortense Ellis - You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody
10. Jah Thomas - Cricket Lovely Cricket

11. Earl Cunningham - What Kind Of Woman
12. Earl Cunningham & Force Of Music - What Kind Of Dub

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Burning Spear - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2001

Personnel: Burning Spear (vocals, congas, percussion); Galbert Spence, Cecil Ordonez (guitar); Clyde Cummings (saxophone); James Smith (trumpet); Micah Robinson (trombone); Stephan Stewart (keyboards); Dave Richard (bass guitar); Michael Ramsey (drums).

Recording information: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland (2001).
This recording captures reggae legend Winston Rodney (AKA Burning Spear) in one of his renowned live performances. Though Rodney's latter-day studio work hasn't quite matched landmark recordings such as 1975's MARCUS GARVEY, he has remained a committed and tireless showman over the years, spreading his message of social justice and equality via the deep grooves of roots music. His appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2001 shows him still going strong. Rodney is a valuable teacher in that his lyrics often read as history lessons on topics such as discrimination ("Jah Nuh Dead"), black leaders ("Old Marcus"), and ignominious legacies ("Slavery Days"). But Rodney's personal message is one of liberation and unity, and the buoyant, hypnotic, infectious music created by his stellar backing band upholds this ideal. (The horn section here, which switches between punchy melodic riffs and jazzy soloing, is particularly notable.) This is a strong concert outing and a rousing testament to Burning Spear's live presence.

Bitrate: 192 kbps
Codec: MP3
TotalTime: 1:17:21
Size: 105MB (60MB+45MB)

Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners (1977)

Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners (1977)
Reggae & Oldies Albums

Rain A Fall
Big Fight
You I Love & Not Another
Young Generation
Shine Eye Gall
Boz Rock
Show Me Mine Enemy
Deck Of Cards
Heavy Manners

Producteur : Joe Gibson
Date : 1977
Studio : Joe Gibbs Recording
"The golden Sound Of West Indies"
Ingénieur : Errol "E.T." Thompson
Distribution : Joe Gibbs Records
Design album : Stephensons

320 kbps
Codec: MP3
Total Time: 33:13
Ripped from LP


Friday, March 09, 2007

Closeness Duets .::. Charlie Haden (1993)

Jazz | MP3 320 kbps | Playtime 39:05 | RAR 92 Mb
Haden is a very lyrical player and this recording has more appeal than many would expect. The programmers were right to start the disk with the duet with Keith Jarrett: the piano-bass combination is the least unusual, Jarrett has a lot of commercial appeal, and the duet itself is based on the kind of contemplative theme well-suited to Jarrett's style. The next duet is a bluesy romp with Ornette Coleman. Back to the quieter more lyrical mode in the third duet with Alice Coltrane on "For Turiya." Some may be familiar with this piece which also is performed on the Haden-Garbarek-Gismonti "Folksongs" album. The final duet with drummer Paul Motian uses revolutionary song recordings and harkens back to the avowedly political music of the Liberation Music Orchestra. All and all a very appealing disk.


1.Ellen David
3.For Turiya
4.For A Free Portugal


Keith Jarrett; Alice Coltrane; Paul Motian; Ornette Coleman

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dave Douglas & Bill Frisell (2004) - Strange Liberation

Dave Douglas & Bill Frisell (2004) - Strange Liberation

mp3 320 kbps 44 khz
133 mb

1. Under A Different Story
2. Strange Liberation
3. Skeeter-Ism
4. Just Say This
5. Seventeen
6. Mountains From The Train
7. Rock Of Billy
8. The Frisell Dream
9. Passing Through
10. Jones
11. Catalyst

Manu Katché .:. Neighbourhood .:. 2005

Artist : Manu Katché
Album : Neighbourhood
Release Date : 2005
Playtime: 41:32
Quality : 44Khz, 320 kbbs
tamaño rar: 59+58 mb
All ArtWork

Mike Stern - Who Let the Cats Out (2006)

Tumble Home
Good Question
We're With You
Leni Goes Shopping
Roll With It
Who Let The Cats Out?
All You Need
Blue Runway

Quality - 320 kbps
Size - 191 MB
Time - 73:29
Link -

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Various Artists - Fusion for Miles - A Guitar Tribute (2005)

Trumpeter Miles Davis shifted gears so many times during his forty-year career that doing a proper tribute which covers the entire time frame represents a distinct challenge. Perhaps that’s why many artists have focused on specific periods in their Miles tributes. Producer Gary Guthrie put a new spin on Kind of Blue with A New Kind of Blue, while trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and guitarist Henry Kaiser’s Yo Miles! project has released three sets inspired by Miles’ ‘70s electric period. Even trumpeter Wallace Roney, while not recording a tribute album per se, has taken one of Miles’ mid-‘60s albums, Nefertiti, and used it, along with other sources, as the foundation for his own work.

In the past year, guitarist Jeff Richman has released tributes to saxophonist John Coltrane (A Guitar Supreme) and guitarist John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra (Visions of an Inner Mounting Apocalypse). He's probably the first to try and put the departed trumpeter’s greater career arc into perspective. The problem is that there’s little to tie together Miles’ various periods. One reason for this is that whenever he moved into a new musical space, he often alienated much of his existing fan base. Fans of Kind of Blue are not inherently going to be disposed towards Bitches Brew, and many who discovered Miles with the pop-funk of his last decade may find his more abstract mid-‘60s quintet completely unfathomable.

Consequently Fusion for Miles starts with an immediate handicap. The bad news is that Richman’s arrangements—featuring a core band of keyboardist Larry Goldings, bassist Alphonso Johnson, and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta—don’t go very far in finding the elusive common link. In fact, Richman often takes tunes that were the barest of sketches—for example, Miles’ funk vamp of “Jean-Pierre” and the equally harmonically static jungle funk of his early-‘70s “Black Satin”—and writes new passages to give them greater interest. While these radically altered and stricter arrangements give the guest guitarists more to work with, by its very virtuosity Fusion for Miles loses sight of one of Miles’ core musical goals: creating specific vibes and particular feelings.

The good news is that Fusion for Miles is one heck of a great fusion record when taken on its own merits. It features a varied bunch of guitarists who range from the post bop sensibility of Pat Martino and Bill Connors, to more clear fusion from Jimmy Herring and Mike Stern, and the rock-centric approach of Warren Haynes and Steve Kimmock. Covering material from the late ‘50s (“So What”) through the mid-‘80s (“Splatch”), every guitarist digs into the solid foundation laid by the rhythm section. Unlike Richman’s Mahavishnu Orchestra tribute, none of the core band members actually played with Miles, but the inclusion of one early-'70s Miles veteran, saxophonist Dave Liebman, on some tracks provides linkage. And while the individual tunes come from a multitude of spaces, Richman’s arrangements bring them together for an album that is sure to please fans of pedal-to-the-floor fusion to no end.

01 - Black Satin - Jimmy Herring [06:28]
02 - Splatch - Jeff Richman [05:06]
03 - Jean Pierre - Eric Johnson [06:24]
04 - So What - Mike Stern [05:53]
05 - Nefertiti - Bill Frisell [05:42]
06 - Eighty One - Bill Connors [06:09]
07 - Serpents Tooth - Pat Martino [05:25]
08 - It's About That Time - Warren [06:10]
09 - Back Seat Betty - Steve Kimmoc [06:30]
10 - Spanish Key - Bireli Lagrene [09:12]

Personnel: Vinnie Colaiuta: drums; Alphonso Johnson: bass; Larry Goldings: keyboards; Jeff Richman: guitars. With Dave Liebman: saxophone. Featured guitarists: Jimmy Herring (1); Jeff Richman (2); Eric Johnson (3); Mike Stern (4); Bill Frisell (5); Bill Connors (6); Pat Martino (7); Warren Haynes (8); Steve Kimmock (9); Bireli Lagrene (10).

Dave Brubeck Quartet - London Flat, London Sharp (2005)

Dave Brubeck Quartet - London Flat, London Sharp (2005)
MP3 | VBR 320 | 58:26 Mns | 132.12 MB

01 - London Flat, London Sharp [04:30]
02 - To Sit and Dream [05:08]
03 - The Time of Our Madness [07:31]
04 - Unisphere [07:05]
05 - Steps to Peace [03:27]
06 - Forty Days [06:23]
07 - Cassandra [04:20]
08 - Yes, We All Have Our Cross to Bear [08:05]
09 - Mr. Fats [08:04]
10 - Ballad of the Rhine [03:53]

Monday, March 05, 2007

VA - Cafe Arabia Vol. 1-2-3


CD1: Cafe Arabia 1. Anthology Of Chillout Classics

1. Habbeytak Fairuz
2. El Hawa Hawaya Abdel Halim Hafez
3. Walla Zaman Warda
4. Hallet Ya Rabee Mohammed Abdel Wahab
5. Khodni Ma'ak Shadia
6. El Ward Gameil Sayed Makawi
7. Rah El Hawa Layla Murad
8. Asmar Aabar Mohammed Abdo
9. Mahla Eishat El Fallah Najat

CD2: Cafe Arabia 2. Anthology Of Chillout Classics

1. Alachan Malich Gheirak Farid El Atrache
2. Dak El Hawa Fairuz
3. Al Toba Abdel Halim Hafez
4. Tab Wana Maly Warda
5. Intizari Taal Talal El Maddah
6. Etmakhtary Ya Kheil Layla Mourad
7. Weili Laou Yedroun Wadih El Safi
8. Balash Tebosny Mohamed Abdel Wahab
9. Ya Msafer Wahdak Najat
10. Habibi Yess'ed Aw'atoh Sayed Makkawi

CD3: Cafe Arabia 3. Anthology Of Chillout Classics

1. Magadir Warda
2. Echtaktellak Farid El Atrache
3. Ya Dala Dallaa Sabah
4. Allah Yijazi Talal El Maddah
5. Chahreyn Ou Chouayya Fayza Ahmed
6. Mafeesh Foulous Nasri Shams Eldine
7. Ghannili Chouaya Issam Raggi
8. Ya Hala Bildayf Samira Tawfic
9. Hamdilla Al Salanna Nagat
10. Idi Ala Khadi Wadih El Safi
11. Kan Ya Makan Fairuz

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VA - Dubai Chillhouse Grooves Vol 2-CD-2007-HB


ARTIST..[ va
TITLE...[ dubai chillhouse grooves vol 2
GENRE...[ house
SOURCE..[ cdda
TRACKS..[ 12
LENGTH..[ 69:22 min
SIZE....[ 94,8 MB
QUALITY.[ VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo
DATE....[ mar-02-2007


01 - noise boyz - hand in hand (jazzy mix) 06:47
02 - clublife - viva cubana (beachhouse mix) 05:28
03 - eivizzards - blue rose (@ the fire mix) 05:50
04 - orange music - put 'em up (jazzhouse mix 06:12
05 - skindive inc. feat. ino - wishing love ( 07:03
06 - noise boyz - i'm a jazzwoman (cooljazz m 05:06
07 - phil kinley - house session (beach mix) 05:22
08 - orange music - better time (azzpad mix) 05:59
09 - skindive inc. feat. ino - life goes up a 06:19
10 - phil kinley - cool blue energy (pad groo 05:04
11 - chillwalker - the simple things (chillho 03:42
12 - chris kent feat. fresh - evolution fx (c 06:30

ToTAL: 69:22 min
SiZE.: 94,8 mb